What Is Hydrosalpenks

Hydrosalpinx is the name given to the disease that occurs as a result of the filling of the fallopian tubes in women with fluid.

Some of the eggs that exist in the ovaries regularly start to mature every month by being stimulated by the hormones FSH and LH secreted from the pituitary gland in the brain. One of the developing eggs is released from the ovary by rupture of the follicle that is known as the sac in which it is located, and so, the developed egg is caught by the fallopian tube. Tubes located on the right and left sides of the female body, one end opening to the uterus and the other end to the abdominal cavity, are approximately 8-10 centimeters long.

Pregnancy occurs when the mature egg in the fallopian tubes meets the sperm, which is the reproductive cell of the man. While existence of a problem in both tubes may prevent pregnancy from occurring, if only one of them is healthy, pregnancy may occur as a result of fertilization by combining the egg and sperm. This is why it is very important for the fallopian tubes, one of the female reproductive organs, to be healthy and functional. As a result of the obstruction of the end of the tubes opening into the abdominal cavity, they may fill with fluid and cause the development of hydrosalpinx.

What Does Hydrosalpinx Mean?

The fallopian tubes, which extend from the ovaries that are the reproductive organs of the female body to the uterus, are the places where the egg and sperm come together to be fertilized and the zygote formed spends its first days. In response to the hormone released from the pituitary gland in the brain for the development of the egg, the cells in the fallopian tubes produce fluid. This liquid is preparation for possible pregnancy. Thanks to this fluid in the fallopian tubes, the embryo is fed and moves towards the uterus. However, due to previous infections, surgery or the presence of endometriosis, the end of the tubes opening into the abdominal cavity may be blocked and the existing fluid may remain there without being drained. This fluid, which is toxic with a lethal nature to the formed embryo, both makes it difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of losing the resulting pregnancy by ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Therefore, it is very important for reproduction.

What are the Symptoms of Hydrosalpinx? 

There may be a problem with the woman or the man in terms of reproduction systems, in case couples who want to have children cannot get pregnant despite not being protected during having regular sexual intercourse. If hydrosalpinx is present in both tubes, it may be difficult to get pregnant spontaneously. Even it is on one side, a decrease in the possibility of pregnancy, an increase in the risk of ectopic pregnancy, and an increase in the possibility of miscarriage and loss of pregnancy can be observed after spontaneous pregnancy or IVF treatment.
No symptoms are observed with the disease known as hydrosalpinx. However, in some cases, complaints such as pain and burning in the abdomen and groin area at intervals can be experienced. Sometimes it can also cause groin pain during sexual intercourse. In addition, the fluid accumulated in the tube may flow into the uterus and may cause brown colored discharge in the intermenstrual period. Or, during the ultrasonography examination, it can be seen that fluid is collected in the uterus.
In the presence of hydrosalpinx, it is not possible for women to get pregnant naturally if both tubes are affected. But in some cases, a person can become pregnant naturally, with only one fallopian tube functional. Hydrosalpinx is not a condition that can be easily noticed by people who do not plan pregnancy.

How is Hydrosalpinx Diagnosed? 

In situations, where pregnancy does not occur despite regular sexual intercourse for 1 (one) year when the woman is under 35 years old, and for 6 months when she is over 35 years old, we recommend that couples consult a specialist doctor. The doctor takes a detailed history of the couple and then conducts a gynecological examination. After the gynecological examination, the person is examined by ultrasonography. The diagnosis of hydrosalpinx may not always be made by ultrasonography, but if suspected, a definitive diagnosis can be made with hysterosalpingography (HSG).  

What are the Treatment Methods for Hydrosalpinx? 

The only treatment for hydrosalpinx is surgical removal of the tube. For the women who are not planning pregnancy treatment is not necessary. Surgical removal is recommended to be made before the pregnancy plan for people who are considering pregnancy. Laparoscopic surgery is a very effective method in the treatment of hydrosalpinx.
In the laparoscopic surgery method, the person is operated under general anesthesia. Diagnosis and treatment of Hydrosalpinx can be done at the same time by placing imaging device and other laparoscopic hand tools through small incisions in the abdomen.

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