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How is Egg Collection Processed?

Egg retrieval is always performed with transvaginal ultrasonography and under a light general anesthesia so that you do not feel pain. The egg collection process takes about 10-15 minutes. The contents of the egg sacs (follicles) that have developed in the ovaries are emptied by vaginally, under the guidance of transvaginal ultrasonography, with a needle, and the collected fluid is sent to the laboratory for examination.

After the collection, it is sufficient to rest in our clinic for 30-45 minutes. You can then return to your daily life. However, as we are performing the procedure under a mild anaesthetic, we recommend that you do not work, drive, avoid attention-demanding tasks on the day of collection, and be accompanied by a relative to the washroom. You can return to work the next day if you wish.

Although there may be pains like in the menstrual period for a few days after collection, these pains are mild and can be controlled with paracetamol derivative painkillers. At the same time, there may be slight vaginal bleeding, as in the last days of menstruation. 

If you experience intense pain or bleeding, please inform us.

 One day after the day of egg retrieval , we start our patients with whom we are planning a fresh transfer, with supportive drugs in order to increase the probability of embryo attachment. Which drugs you should use will be explained by our nurses in accordance with the protocol chosen for you. Our nurses will also tell you how long you will continue to take these described support medications, if pregnancy is achieved, from the day of the test.

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