Stages Of The Ivf Treatment

Many question marks may form in the minds of the couples considering the IVF method. Negative thoughts may arise as a result of the lack of knowledge or the difference in their opinions of the couples about the method, which is considered to be extremely normal and successful in terms of medicine. However, when information is provided by an expert on this subject, couples can realize their biggest dream, perhaps, of having a child.
There are many topics that make people curious about IVF, but among them, the most important situation that women should know and get information about are the stages and results of IVF treatment. In this article, we will provide information about the subjects that people are curious about. However, firstly talking briefly about IVF treatment would be useful.

What is IVF Treatment?

Before moving on to the stages of IVF treatment, let’s briefly explain what this treatment is. IVF is a medical treatment method that is applied for women who cannot get pregnant normally and this method’s success rate is very high. So, this method can be applied to women who cannot become pregnant normally due to genetic, hormonal or different problems caused by women or men. However, in order to achieve this, the stories of the couples should be listened to and the couple should be guided by the doctor according to the subsequent examination.

Information About IVF Treatment

IVF treatment is a method in which retrieval of male reproductive cells (sperm) and female reproductive cells (eggs) from the spouses is made and fertilization is carried out in a suitable environment. In the past, follow up of embryos for 48-72 hours after fertilization in the laboratory were enough to make the transfer of the embryos to mother’s uterus at the end of this period. However, methods are now improved in a way that allow the development of the embryo to be followed up to the 5th or even the 6th day after fertilization. Thus, the success rate of IVF treatment has increased to 60% in the young age group.

On the 5th day of embryo development, these fertilized eggs (embryos) are transferred to the mother’s uterus. Thus, the start of the pregnancy process is expected. During the treatment period, various drugs are administered to the mother to increase fertility and stimulate the ovaries. The treatment will be completed in approximately 3 weeks.


The first stage of IVF treatment is to begin with the proper examination of the couples being referred to this method. If different methods have been tried in those couples and no result can be obtained from them, the IVF treatment is recommended to the couple.
The second stage is to inform the couple about this issue. This is one of the most important stages. Because many couples approach this treatment method with prejudice. Some people’s hesitation is in terms of health. In this regard, all stages of the process should be mentioned and success or failure rates should be mentioned to the couple.

It is important that the expectant mother does not ignore the situations that will affect this treatment regarding the success rate of the treatment, and the specialist mention about every possibility accordingly, so that the couples do not experience disappointment afterwards.
In addition, couples should ask any questions that come to their minds without hesitation to the doctor they receive help from, and they should have sufficient information about this subject.

After the information process about the stages of IVF treatment, if the couple accepts the treatment, the necessary procedures are carried out and the treatment can start. In this regard, first of all, the factors that will increase the success rate of the treatment are mentioned to the expectant mother and father. E.g; If the expectant mother smokes, she should quit, pay attention to her sleep patterns, avoid alcohol, etc.

Medical Stages in IVF Treatment

The first medical stages of IVF treatment include application of a detailed examination and necessary laboratory tests. These are procedures such as blood tests, hormone tests. Then, the treatment method planned specifically for the couple and the techniques to be applied are decided as a result of the evaluations made, afterwards, the treatment is started with the first menstrual cycle of the expectant mother.

In the first days of the menstrual period of the expectant mother, drugs that can be defined as fertility injections are applied to her to stimulate the eggs. In this process, the treatment takes approximately 3 weeks.

In the classical IVF method, the reproductive cells taken from the mother and father are fertilized under appropriate conditions and then transferred to the mother’s uterus. This procedure has an aim to initiate the pregnancy process.

How Long Does IVF Treatment Take?

IVF treatment consists of processes that will differ according to the method chosen and other factors involved. Therefore, it is not correct to give precise information on this subject.
If you have chosen the insemination method, then the treatment process will end within 15 days. However, this period may extend up to 21 days for those who choose the classical IVF method.

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