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The Covid-19 pandemic still continues its impact all over the world. Expert opinions are that the pandemic will continue for a while. In particular, in addition to the social and economic burdens, the long-term delay of the treatment plan in couples who want to have a baby may play a role in increasing the anxiety and anxiety of the couples, and the loss of time in some couples may adversely affect their reproductive potential.

For this reason, it is accepted by scientific authorities that it is appropriate to continue their treatment with the measures to be taken against the pandemic in couples who wish to have children. In this context, pregnancy is also allowed for couples who try to conceive spontaneously. In the light of scientific data published so far, there is no evidence that the coronavirus infection will be more severe during pregnancy. However, pregnant women with a history of respiratory disease, high blood pressure, overweight or diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy, which may increase the risk for severe disease in the general population, may be considered at higher risk.

What measures do we take in our center to protect from Covid-19 Infection?

While we are planning our treatment during the Covid-19 pandemic in our center, we closely follow the guidelines that are regularly updated by the international scientific authorities and implement the updated recommendations immediately at our center. In this context,

– We clean our center meticulously using recommended cleaning agents and ways, and we clean door handles, light switches, toilets, armchairs, desks and surfaces that are likely to come into contact more frequently.

– We ensure that hand disinfectants are available in accessible areas in our center.

-We determine your examination and procedure appointments at appropriate intervals and limit the number of patients at the center at the same time.

– In the waiting room, we make sure to sit at an appropriate distance while waiting.

We accept all our patients to the center with masks.

– It only accepts spouses during the examination and treatment to and from our center. We do not allow crowded arrivals, taking shelter in your pardon.

– At the beginning of IVF and vaccination treatments, we inquire about the Covid-19 infection of the couples in terms of infection, as recommended by the scientific authorities, and obtain their consent.

– We ensure and supervise that all our personnel use the recommended personal protective equipment while working during the day.

– We inspect all of our staff every day for possible signs and symptoms of infection and plan the necessary tests by ensuring that they are isolated at the slightest suspicion.

-We all pay maximum attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules, both while working in our center and in our private lives.

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